Projection Madness

Projection Difficulties

Come on, turn off your stupid thing. Why isn't it going off?
 "HEY, this is not turning off." - Brilliance in action

My boss almost handed me a “stupid” sign after today’s meeting.  I was taking lead on a project, and had my first experience using the projector.  After the presentation, and powering down my laptop, the projection light remained on the wall.  Hmph!

For the life me, I just couldn’t figure out how to turn off the projection light.  I pressed several buttons on the remote, and finally yelled out “How do I get this off?”

“Use the remote…”

“I AM.”

“You have to point it at the projector… my god Woman, on the ceiling?”   

Note to self:  pointing remote at the wall, doesn’t work…and makes you look incredibly silly.

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One Response to Projection Madness

  1. shreejacob says:

    Hahahaha! Hi! Welcome back to you! and to me too!…I
    Thank you for the Saturday morning laugh! I do understand though…we point the remote at the TV don’t we ? ;)

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