When “new do’s” remind you of something

who do I look like?

who do I look like?

Finally got my hair done!  I was looking super old with all the grey.  I’m just one of those people that procrastinates spending $$ on herself, especially when it all goes to kids’ sports, etc.  So my pedicures and hairdo’s wait, sometimes longer than they should. (okay, wayyy longer)

So, I finally got my  hair and eyebrows groomed/cut/colored.  The whole bit.  Since I wanted to let it grow, my hairdresser only trimmed, but did a couple different snips here and there, and styled it differently with the round brush… “Oh, I like it this way,” she said.

bouncyHeck, anything is better than prior… and…really bouncy… I find myself shaking it around…but it was vaguely familiar.  I couldn’t Wait 'til your father gets home- momplace my finger on it…just who did it remind me of…

Then it hit me, I now resemble the mom off that 70’s cartoon show, “Wait ’til your Father gets home”  Of course, when I watched they were already repeats at that point, but I remember!

Yup- totally. Ha!

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3 Responses to When “new do’s” remind you of something

  1. You are adorable :) and it’s great to have you back xox

  2. kdwright416 says:

    Totally cute!! I need to get mine done! I’m way overdue!

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