V-Day: to love or not to Love?

Valentine- Samantha- 2014
Here is what Samantha (and Gibson) are handing out this year. Piece of paper with Gum attached – I had from big Costco purchase. Done
“So are there any boys you have a crush on or like?”
“Uh, momma.  There are more 1st grader boys than 2nd grader boys in our class.” utter shock/dismay in her voice with strange eyes at me.

There have been posts from guys stressing over what to do for their women.  There have been posts from women, of what they expect from their men.  However, there is a whole new dynamic when you have kids!

Flash back to the past:  Remember when handing out Valentine’s in class was something we thought about and planned, who you were going to give a Valentine to {your latest crush(es) or best friend(s)} and which ones they’d receive out of your box of Scooby Doo’s, Barbie’s, Star Wars, or Strawberry Shortcake.  Sometimes, if you felt particularly generous, you gave everyone in the entire class a card.  Extra bonus, for those crafty mommies that made treats or purchased candy to include.  There was always so much going on, no one noticed whether or not someone was skipped/missed on the card hand out, etc.  We all had full bags of cards at the end.  It was easy.

Flash forward to present:  Now, if your child wants to give a card to their best friend(s) or a particular boy or girl, they are forced to give to the entire class.  Normally, this wouldn’t be such a big deal except:

    • The classes are incredibly large now- no kid is going to write out that many Valentines
    • Kids want to hand out candy, but it gets expensive buying for the entire class of 35 students.  Have you looked at bags of candy pricing these days?  (for the good ones)
    • Kinda removes the whole purpose/idea of a Valentine- this person or small group is special to you.

On this mass scale, it becomes a chore.  Of course, your child is going to want to hand out Valentine’s.  Of course, they want something cool to include, because let’s face it- the only thing my 10 year old boy cares about, is the goodie attached.  Do my 8 and 10 year old want to work on their cards, heck NO!  Of course, they want theirs to be unique and liked by others.

So, it’s left to me.  Not to mention, the mass produced boxes out there don’t provide enough Valentine cards for these larger classes, so you’re forced to buy two boxes, left wondering what to do with the remaining.  (save for next year, but those always end up lost or no longer relevant- think Harry Potter- when it’s all about the Hunger Games now)  Besides, they have to differ from everyone else’s.

This year, I made it as easy as possible.  Found a clip art of heart with arrow (not even a good piece of clip art- it’s pixalated- didn’t bother fixing.)  inserted onto a word document, placed “from Samantha” or “from Gibson” and printed.  Samantha spent time cutting hers out with various scissors providing a decorative edging.  My son expects me to do his, and remember to include one for him.

I better get to it, not really feeling the love.  :)

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7 Responses to V-Day: to love or not to Love?

  1. Edwin says:

    Ahh yeah, I remember being forced to give valentines day cards to everyone. They would even give us a list with everyone’s name! Talk about ruining it for everyone.

  2. Not sure why you’d do this for them rather than work with them to do it.

    When my daughter was small, we did these together. Cute, quick idea? Cut hearts out of construction paper, poke two holes, one each at top and bottom, and thread lollipop through so it sits in the center of the heart.

    You can have them write “to” and “from” on the heart in marker, and make them as fancy or as straight-forward as you’d like.

    Not hard, fun to do, not expensive.

  3. Sandi Ormsby says:

    Everyone’s idea of “fun” varies:

    Terri- with all the homework the kids have these days (book reports and mission are looming for us right now) they don’t want to write or cut extra stuff (arts-n-crafts), but they do want to participate in Valentines.

    My daughter did cut some and taped all the gum pieces. However, I had to help her because she wasn’t interested in doing 29 of them. My son, it would take me all day to get him to do 1 and he has 35 kids in his class. He just doesn’t like it, and won’t get completed. However, he still wants something to give and receive.

    Yes- we’ve already done the lolli-pop thing, as well as other people in the class. I’ve been pretty creative throughout the years, just over it now that they are 8 and 10 and all the rules from the school. No names can be on the Valentines, it takes too long to distribute them, etc. :)

  4. check out poetreecreations.org v – day

  5. Ugh…I am so glad I am past those days, because if they wanted something like that, and didn’t want to help they were screwed. You are a way nicer Mom than I was :)

  6. jannatwrites says:

    If my kids do cards, they write them out. Speaking of, I should find out if they are doing it so they can come to the store with me this afternoon and pick them out if they are.
    I was the kid in school who wouldn’t have gotten Valentines if the class didn’t have to give them to everyone. It was nice to have something ‘nice’ one time a year even though I knew it didn’t mean anything.

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