Remember that time you slept walked Naked?

“You were outside the college just in your skivvies, remember that?  You were lucky you didn’t freeze to death!”
“No, that wasn’t me, it was a statue.”- future post graduates’ conversation.
image- Rack 3 Media

image- Rack 3 Media

Kudos to the person that sparked conversation on this masterpiece that has the Wesley College girls in an uproar, requesting its immediately removal.

“It’s just ugly,” with a nervous giggle, said one student on the news.

Yeah, I agree, tighty-whities, boxers would have been better choice or even a pair of pajama bottoms.  However, then it wouldn’t have been nearly as shocking.  As it stands now, tongues-are-a-waggin’:

“A car went by and driver nearly swerved off the road,” said another source. 

Yes, the statue is well made and quite realistic.  It probably shouldn’t have been placed right next to the road, but it does need to be in a place to be seen, or what’s the point?

The most interesting comment from the news casters:

“Students and faculty fear the statue my trigger sexual assaults”

Really?  On the poor wax statue dude?  Or on the students?  If a predator was planning to assault someone, I’m thinking they were considering it long before a dude in his BVD’s or Fruit of the Loomies ended up on their campus.

As a past sleep-walker myself, I got a kick out of this because I could relate. First of all, you scare people around you.  You don’t walk with your arms out, but you do stumble along, sometimes opening doors and picking up things.  Next interesting fact, your eyes are open, so to others, it appears you are awake and you just stare.   I had frightened my mother (and babysitter) in the middle of the night several times by just quietly entering their room, and just standing.

There were times, I did wake to find myself staring in the refrigerator uncapping/recapping the milk jug several times, checking to ensure front door was locked several times, and yes- standing in a parking lot. (just once)  I’d wake and think, what am I doing here? (Que David Byrne’s Once in a Lifetime)  Then I’d stumble back off to bed



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9 Responses to Remember that time you slept walked Naked?

  1. Nice return (or semi-return) to the blogosphere. I’m so glad Sarah has stopped sleepwalking (knock on wood). She really creeped me out whenever she did it.

  2. Hahaha…that is great, it really looks real!!!

  3. The Hook says:

    Byrne rocks!
    As do you, old friend!
    Well done!

  4. Well Said! I must say it is very realistic and I did get a good laugh from it.

  5. taochild says:

    Welcome back(ish). Always fun to read what pops out of you :D

    • Sandi Ormsby says:

      I agree, whomever thought this up- I think it’s pretty creative. Curiosity would get the best of me and I would have totally been sizing that thing up- I would have taken a photo next to it, placing a blanket around him or something. :)

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