Pick two celebrities to be your parents

I read an article today pertaining to unique and somewhat odd questions companies are asking on interviews.  One that caught my eye:  “Pick two celebrities to be your parents” (asked at Urban Outfitters).

Hmmmm.  I would have to ask for some time to give a serious answer on that one…my first thought was someone debonair, and immediately George Hamilton popped into my mind.  Except, I don’t like the slicked back hair, overly-tannned “whisper sweet nothings in your ear” kind of guy.  Ew.  Who wants a dad known as a womanizer?  Quickly nixed that.

Actresses- Meryl Streep, Diane Keaton, and Kathleen Turner

Of course, they have to be someone realistically old enough to have been my parents. Amazing women popped into my mind like Meryl Streep, Diane Keaton, Kathleen Turner (smoker’s voice- too many ciggies), Goldie Hawn…


Who wouldn’t want to be the “love-child” of Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell?  Kurt is so cute with those dimples.  Nah, that’s not creative enough…moving on:

Returning back to the dad, John Travolta’s imaged floated in my mind…except I wouldn’t want one of those dads mixed in with Scientology.  My dad would have to be a “funny guy.”  Images of Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Chevy Chase, Danny Devito came to mind…no, no, NO, AND HELL NO.

Actors- Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Chevy Chase, Danny Devito

Actor- Burt ReynoldsOne of my favorite movies of my youth, Smokey and the Bandit, popped into my head. Burt Reynolds…ew…back up there as the George Hamilton kind of ew.  Different types of guys (one slick/one crude), but ew just the same.  “Come over here and give me a little lip-lock.” YUCK!  In the very early years, handsome, but then…what’s up with the dark eyebrows and ‘stash?  The reason why my dad stopped with the facial hair, because gray was the first to appear there…is Burty dying it?

Actors- Steve Martin and Sally Field

I’VE GOT IT…mixing humor with cute, I would be the love child of the “wild and crazy guy” Steve Martin and Sally Field.  Although he has the darker brow going, it looks distinguished.  Sally looks beautiful no matter the age, and always seems approachable and huggable, doesn’t she?  I loved her in the show Brothers and Sisters.  I leave you with FUNKY TUTTY…happy Friday!  Tell me, who would your mom and pop be?

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7 Responses to Pick two celebrities to be your parents

  1. shreejacob says:

    OOo…hmm…Sean Connery and uhm..Gina Davis! :D

  2. Arlee Bird says:

    Since they would have to be realistically old enough to have been my parents then they would now be really old or dead. So I’ll go with Joan Crawford–I’ve always had a thing for being beaten with wire coat hangers and George Burns–after all, he’s God.

  3. jannatwrites says:

    This would be a tough question – especially at an interview where my brain is frozen from stress. I love your pics for mom and dad – Steve Martin is handsome and funny and I just love Sally Field (as a kid, I watched old episodes of “Gidget” on TV and I so wanted to be her :))

  4. st sahm says:

    LOVE. May I reblog?!

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