Sending my kids in the next rocket to space- Reason #1- Sweaty fit

Yes, how much for 2 tickets?

Anyone else want to send their kids to the moon?

I get it.  No boy wants to shop.  However, there comes a time when you need to purchase clothes or be naked.  Unfortunately, my son would choose the latter.  However, living in our society comes with these dang laws, one of them requiring clothing.

A few years back, I purchased (3) pairs of Old Navy sweat pants for him.  These had ribbing elastic at the ankles, and drawstrings.  No matter that they were too long, or too big in the waist, it all worked fine…until he eventually grew and they became high-waters.  However, I could never get him to go shopping, so  we waited…

A couple of mornings ago, Gibson dressed himself and complained:

“What the heck…These are too short, mom” 

Accusing me as if I had, in the middle of the night, suddenly changed the size on him. So I instructed him to take them off, and did the worse thing…produced his one pair of jeans that still fit him perfectly.

Unfortunately, he had become so accustomed to wearing sweats, he threw a fit.Boy in underwear  Seriously… lying on our living room floor and rolling around in his underwear, he refused to dress himself.  When they were eventually on his body, he whined:

“These aren’t comfooortable, mom!”  eeenh.  “You’re so mean.”

They fit him fine, but they just feel heavier than the sweats.  He sat on the couch refusing to move, eat his breakfast or put on his shoes.  The last couple of days have been such an issue, we’ve run late to school both days.  One of the days, we were the last car to drive up, and the principal opened our car door…uh, Sorry, couldn’t get my 9 year old dressed.

The past couple of weeks, I had already been shopping and searching  for similar sweats at Old Navy.  Apparently, they stopped making the style we liked or placed them in the “vault.”  Can you unlock them?  Please?

Now all the sweats are the straight, athletic type of work-out pant, at all stores- including Target and Walmart.  Ugh!  They are either all too long, or too large in the waist without a drawstring.  Same for the jeans, too long, too tight, too big…too something.  I spent my last week returning items.

After the fit, My husband decided to get involved.  He made plans to take our son shopping after school that day.  However, the younger sister talked dad into letting her go, as well.  I laughed.  Dad was warned.  He could (should) have left Samantha in Kids Factory.

Surely enough, although they know better…the kids ran up and down the aisles, playing hide-n-seek in the clothing racks.  My husband came home, reached for a beer, and said “I didn’t know who the kids were.  They acted like they were 3, and they were so LOUD.  How come our kids are so loud?”

Their expedition to JC Penney and Sears, and Macy’s took a few hours.  They, too, had similar jeans as Target/Walmart/Old Navy.  He confirmed what I already knew.  Nothing fits our son.  Levi’s fit, but when bending down, there was a large gap produced showing his underwear.

What my husband loved most about their adventure:  In the fitting room, looking over all the pants, Gibson pointed to his favorite.  “Those are comfortable.”  They were the jeans he already owned…the very same ones he had a fit wearing that same morning.  **sigh**

They did find a perfect fitting Adidas sweatpant! Except, now I had a fit at the $27.00 price!

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8 Responses to Sending my kids in the next rocket to space- Reason #1- Sweaty fit

  1. shreejacob says:

    I don’t like it too when styles that fit me aren’t made anymore!!

    • Sandi Ormsby says:

      I know! That and food. My kids liked The Raspberry Bliss spritzer 1 calorie spray salad dressing. I believe Wishbone made it…all the stores stopped stocking it. That’s the only salad dressing my kids will eat! I’ve tried every other Raspberry combo, diluting with water, etc. Wishbone’s website reflects it exists, but you can’t buy it online. UGH!

  2. I agree, why do they change something if it works? Not just clothes, but anything? Even food. But at least you found some! $27.. ahh! Maybe can wait to get some more on sale day?

  3. Fitwellmom says:

    I feel your pain! It seems boys grow at an exponential rate! If it’s not the jeans, it’s the shoes…the list goes on.

  4. Roly says:

    Been there and still doing it. Drives me scatty! :) …… I and my computer have both been receiving care and attention and I am pleased to say I can now read and comment again. Long may it last…….

  5. Robin says:

    Ugh, I hate taking my kids shopping! Of course at 2 & 4 I can guess pretty well for sizes. Not looking forward to the growth spurt years.

  6. I have a son who had to pick out his own clothes since high school (he is now 23). Even if I bought him the SAME as hanging in his closet, HE didn’t buy it so it either didn’t feel right or whatever. I hear you!!

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