Those Amish are so resourceful- they’ll talk you into anything

I’ve worked at various places over the years.  As an administrative person, and as an office manager, you come across all the peculiar personalities in an office environment.  Then, there are the jobs that the customer is very unique.  Whether it be co-workers, or the client, there is plenty of great blogging material.

This scenario happened while I worked for a low-income real Estate investment company.  Investors provide money to purchase properties in pools (bulk) from Fannie Mae that foreclosed.  In turn, we place them on Craigslist, selling very inexpensively as-is, meaning often in a state of disrepair.  It is a great program for the lower-income community, giving them a chance to own their own property.  These individuals then sign “land contracts,” usually a loan for 30 or 20 years, producing a very low, monthly payment.   Think rent-to-own.

The mentality of most of  the home owners was very interesting to say the least.  Usually, they had difficulty understanding that they didn’t yet own the property, and would not receive the deed in their name, until paid in full.  Or they viewed it as rent, and completely optional.  They would forget to pay, and we had to remind them monthly, “We need to get a payment,” which would often turn into a lengthy conversation of excuses- not kidding, I heard:

  • I had to buy dog food, it’s very expensive you know/my dog is sick/ died
  • I’m a tattoo artist, and ex-convict trying to make ends meet
  • my kid is in the hospital, with 3 degree burns and my youngest is a special needs child (we think she was lying about the hospital)
  • waiting on child support check, for some reason I didn’t get it this week…
  • had to pay child support/garnished wages”unexpectedly” for said child support. (damn those kids- they expect you to provide for them?)
  • I had surgery (yes, last year on your toe for ingrown toenail)
  • I have breathing problems/lung cancer/throat cancer (yes 3 years ago)
  • I was incarcerated (I don’t care it wasn’t your fault- you’re out now-)
  • Everything was ripped off out of my car, debit card, license, passport—can’t possibly go to the bank- all my stuff is gone.  (Why was your passport in the car?  You always carry that around?  How convenient that you can’t get any money from the bank.)
  • I’m taking care of my grandkids.  I have to fix the roof, I’ve got the 9-year-old grandson helping me.  I’m on limited income  (what happened to the parents?  Are they in prison?  Your grandson is on the roof?)
  • I want to reduce my payments so I can make house repairs or can you fix? (what part of ‘as is’ don’t you get?  This is owning a home.)
  • Lightening struck, and wires came down on my roof, started a fire.  Electric company came out and I don’t have correct electrical box that required an electrician to do some extra work.  Paid out so much money, can’t afford mortgage payment.  (give us receipts- they never came.)
  • Everyone is out of work.  (you just got the house.  Did you really have jobs to begin with?)

Oh, the elaborate stories!  Dang, some of these people had such rotten luck, their Grandma died… 3 times that year… the same grandma!   Yes, they can come up with some faux tear-jerkers.

It was one of these phone calls, where someone decided  they couldn’t afford the monthly payment, and wanted to return the property back to us, via our “Voluntary Surrender” program.  Therefore, we sent one of our repair guys to inspect the property and prep it for the new home owner.

As our representative was taking photographs, he noticed there was no garage.  That’s odd.  The listing reflects a 1-car garage.  He called us, and we called the occupant.

“What’s going on with the garage?  We’re told it’s… missing?

“Oh, yeah, didn’t I tell you?  I donated it to the Amish for a school.”

You what?  Wow.  None of us saw that one coming.  How nice to donate our garage.  He couldn’t understand why there was an issue.  It was his house after living there 6 months, and making only 1 payment, right?  By the way, I wanna give it back- obligation free- uhh…minus a garage, okay?  Okey-dokey, then!

What I’d like to know, how did they come get it?  Those Amish are so clever and quite resourceful.  Proceed with caution: they will talk you into donating something that doesn’t belong to you and quickly cart if off on their wagon.






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One Response to Those Amish are so resourceful- they’ll talk you into anything

  1. That’s crazy. Sounds like quite an interesting job, though.

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