Parenting Fouls- Repost

This “Idiot Speaketh” article, made me think of, let’s call them “parenting fouls” committed.  Something making you want to say “DO over!”  It’s so awesome to reflect back on and laugh (now.) What’s your story?

Here’s one of mine:

My husband is in Sales and his territories have always included many states, which require traveling away from home for few days/week at a time.  It was one of these trips that my “parenting foul” was committed.

My son was 3 1/2 and my daughter was 1 1/2.  It was meal time, and thankfully, I had Samantha secured in her highchair.  I needed something from the extra refrigerator in the garage, so I opened the baby gate and ran downstairs and into the garage.

As the door slammed behind me, a dreaded “Uh, oh.” went into my brain.  Although we’d been living in our condo for 2 years, I kept forgetting the garage door is a heavy fire door and the handle was often in “lock” position.  You know those locks, the ones where on the inside you can easily turn the knob and open the door (but it’s actually in locked mode), so on the other side (the outside) the knob is locked?

It’s the most frustrating invention ever!  How many of us have gotten locked out with these damn things?  

So, there I was, in the garge locked out of my house.  A range of emotions flooded through me.  The first being, Anger at my husband for not changing the lock as requested many times.  Next, worry, am I stuck in the garage?  Followed by Relief, “oh silly, just open the main garage door.”  Relief again, oh, thank GOD I’m fully clothed!  (because it’s not unusual for mom’s of young children to be in a state of getting completely dressed, and somehow running around half-naked, half the day)

pj top off...did I put on deoderant? What time is it...4:00? Leave your sister alone!

Next, was PANIC!  How am I going to get back into the house, and my young children are upstairs with no supervision!  Of course, the front door is locked.  What if the baby chokes?  What if my 3 year old chokes or gets into something?  My husband wasn’t due home for another 5 hours and was on an airplane!

Thus began the curses:

Damn him for not making the “lock change” a priority!  Damn him for leaving town!  Damn us for living upstairs and I don’t have the skills to scale the wall and enter our open bacony door!  Damn it, why didn’t I remember to unlock before exiting & what am I going to do?

So I hit my neighbor’s house, (again, thankful for being fully dressed) and asked him for help with a ladder, or if he could get on the roof somehow and enter our open balcony area.  That door was wide open…of course, he said there’s no way with the Spanish roof tile, those things slide off very easily.  Great.  Thanks for the “no-help, dude.”  Does AAA open locked house doors?

Then an idea hits, I don’t think I closed the baby gate and my 3yr old had just discovered how to turn the front door deadbolt.  In my excitement, I ran up to the front door and tried knocking and calling him, but he wasn’t responding…so I did something completely stupid.  I rang the doorbell several times…forgetting my son’s preschool had a false fire alarm the other day, and he was FREAKED about the loud noise.  For some reason, it was a very scary experience for him.  Well, I could hear him scrambling and running around, crying, “too loud…too loud.”  Great, the door bell reminded him of the fire alarm.  Now he’s looking for mommy for guidance and comfort, and I’m not there, and am the source of the scare.  Fantastic.

What a BIG boy!

Next idea…the open kitchen window…I’ll call to him!  So I began calling his name, and after several attempts, finally got his attention.  “I know you can’t see me, but can you hear mommy?”  After “talking” (more like yelling up to him) and calming him down, I asked “Honey, did mommy leave the stair gate open?”  Relief…I had?

“Can you please come downstairs and let mommy in?  I locked myself out, sweetie.  Remember how big you are, being able to turn the deadbolt?  I know we told you not to do that, but it’s okay right now.”  With extra coaxing and talking through the door, my big guy announced he was there and remembered how to unlock the door!  WHEW!

You're so silly mommy!

BIG HUGS, BIG HUGS… and my son had to tell me about the “horrible” noise he experienced.  All while I ran upstairs to check on my girl.  I made a funny face at her.  She was happily eating, had made a fantastic mess of herself, and clapped when she saw me…fully entertained.  Silly, mommy.

Needless to say, after returning home, my husband changed the knob to a deadbolt the very next day.  No more lock-out accidents- a key is required to turn the deadbolt.

Parenting fouls suck at the time, but so ahhsome to share later!

Got any to share?

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13 Responses to Parenting Fouls- Repost

  1. yogini says:

    I just love the pictures you post!

  2. This reminds me of the time I accidentally locked all three of my children (then ages 3,2 and very small) in my mini-van in the grocery store parking lot. I buckled them into their car seats, loaded the van with groceries, shut the sliding door, returned the cart and then realized, “Oh my God, oh my God!” the doors were locked. After many tears, a nervous breakdown, and several renditions of Barney’s I Love You song, the AAA guy arrived and saved the day! This still gives me nightmares.

    • Sandi Ormsby says:

      Hi, you didn’t leave your name! So “YAW” I fortunately never locked my kids in the car. I’m sure that experience was something you’d like to take back and fortunately, you had AAA. (some passer byer would have called their AAA for you!)

      I don’t know if AAA could have gotten into my house? :)


  3. Tori Nelson says:

    Oh, we are just getting to the stage where Man Child can turn locks. I stepped outside to get something from the car the other day and he definitely locked me out and sat laughing in my general directions. Thank God for hidden keys!

  4. judithhb says:

    My sorry story is awful. We had just moved house and many years ago had garage doors that lifted up and/or down to open and close. I was closing the door thinking my kids were both in the car and I closed it down onto my then 8 year old daughters head. After cuddles and apologies and she storming off shouting I’m telling my Daddy, I managed to get both children strapped into the car and off we went. But then horror of horrors I managed to shut her head into the car door as I was closing it. Two door car and she wasn’t completely in. No wonder she calls me the wicked witch to her children.

    Do I get some kind of prize for being the most evil mom?

    • Sandi Ormsby says:

      Oh, thank you for making me laugh Judith. I’m sorry, but now that it’s been years, we can laugh because we did not maim them. I still have opportunity with them just being 5 & 7. Well, at least you didn’t close the garage door and leave her in there and not realize until 15 minutes into your drive. that’s where I thought you were going w/that story!

      You hear these stories on the radio/tv and wonder “how the heck did that happen” and then you have your own fiasco and you say “Wow, it was that easy!”

  5. Thypolar says:

    That reminds me of when my youngest “accidently” got locked in the bathroom by himself at 12 months old. I completely panicked and it took almost an hour to get him out. I think I was more upset than he was to be honest. Definitely a parenting foul!:)

  6. Jesse says:

    lock changes are always a priority in my house…I mean apartment.

  7. Hey there, I’ve seen you comment before on some of the blogs I frequent and decided to check yours out today! Looks interesting so i subscribed to read more!
    I’m not a mommy yet and still have some time to have kids BUT I remember hearing about my oldest sister locking herself out of the house with her 3 kids inside. I think they ended up calling the fire department to break in? I don’t exactly remember.
    My sister and mom locked ME in a car in the middle of summer in Texas when I was 3 years old, though. They were getting out of the car for choir practice and it was my sister’s car and she was used to locking the doors every time she got out of her car, so she locked her door and my mom locked hers and she didn’t think anything about it until she realized that ALL the doors were locked and I was still in the back seat. I was old enough to have been able to unlock the door BUT I was in an old fashioned booster type car seat that was tight on me, it was hard enough for adults to unhook those things! So I couldn’t unhook myself and it was so tight, I couldn’t reach the door. I couldn’t even reach my juice bottle that had fallen in the seat. They called 911 to try to get someone out there but they never showed up. I was starting to turn blue around my mouth from being so hot and I was crying so finally the choir director broke the window on the opposite side with his HAND! He ended up breaking his hand and people got on to him for it, telling him he could have used a rock or something instead, but he said he wasn’t even thinking, he just knew I needed to get out of that car!
    They took me right inside and got ice for me, water and had fans all around me. I made it though obviously cause I’m alive now!:)

    • Sandi Ormsby says:

      Hi, Sharon!

      thanks for stopping into my world of things. We have an awesome community of blogger friends, growing every day! So welcome!

      YIKES on your stories. I’m glad you are okay! Well, had I not figured out how to get into my house, I would have called 911 from the neighbors to have them scale my balcony and avoid breaking windows. They have a tall enough ladder.:)


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  9. beckony says:

    The same thing happened to me when I was a kid–my parents left me in charge of my baby sister, and we had a screen door that would sometimes fall into “lock” position if you just shut it. So I went outside to rescue some toys that were blowing away in the wind…and the door locked itself. Luckily, my sister was just old enough to understand my frantic instructions on how to open the lock.

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